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3.27% Fixed Lloyds Retirement Mortgages

Lloyds retirement mortgages for UK pensioners


Lloyds retirement mortgages

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  • Up to 70% loan to value
  • No lender fees
  • 3.27% APRC fixed for life


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Lloyds bank existing customers lifetime mortgage
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interest only mortgages for over 70s

Lloyds mortgage for people over 75

borrow money at low rates

The benefit of Lloyds bank mortgages for over 75s is the lack of early repayment charges and a generous loan to value ratio.

Lloyds mortgages for over 70s

key differences between mortgages and equity release plans

The Lloyds bank mortgages for over 70s are a great example of a competitive Rio mortgage with affordable monthly interest payments.

Lloyds mortgages for over 65s

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If you have retirement income studying Lloyds bank mortgages for over 65s could help you get the funding you need.

Equity Release Interest Rates

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With the 10 year UK gilt just under 2% Equity Release Rates could rise, so it could be wise to lock in a good rate now.

Lloyds mortgage for people over 60

further details on a lump sum payment

Because of the way rates are structured in the bond market Lloyds mortgages for over 60s access the right cost of capital by offering mortgages for people with specific ages. Retirement mortgages are getting more and more popular.

Lloyds retirement mortgages in 2022

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As a Lloyds retirement mortgage is an interest only product, the monthly interest repayments can be very affordable.

Lloyds Bank retirement interest only mortgages calculator

get a retirement interest only mortgage calculator

When you consult an independent mortgage broker, based on your affordability assessment, retirement property status, pension income, the value of your property, affordability checks and when you are likely to die or move into

What is a retirement mortgage?

last borrower dies or goes into long term care the interest only mortgage is paid

A retirement mortgage or RIO mortgage is very similar to a standard interest only mortgage where the monthly repayments just support the interest on the loan.

Can a Lloyds Bank retirement mortgage be used for estate planning?

repay the loan when the property is sold

Yes, RIO mortgages can be ideal for tax planning depending on your circumstances.

Who offers retirement interest only mortgages?

sometimes you need more choice to find a better option

Lenders for later life lending include:

  • Family building society
  • Leeds building society
  • Lloyds bank
  • The Marsden
  • Hodge Bank
  • Santander retirement mortgages UK
  • Barclays retirement mortgages
  • Retirement mortgages Halifax

Who are the lowest rate retirement interest only mortgage providers?

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If you can afford the interest only monthly payments there are still some rates under 3% fixed for life.

What are typical retirement mortgages interest rates?

interest each month

They are often much lower than lifetime mortgages, as the proved income of the borrower as well as the charge on the property is offered to support the loan.

What are the best retirement interest only mortgages in the UK currently?

house is sold to pay retirement interest only mortgage

Retirement interest only rio mortgages can have a very similar rate to a standard residential mortgage as rio mortgages work in a very similar way.  The lending criteria are just tweaked a bit to fit the older borrowers’ main residence and age requirements.

Should I get independent advice?

interest each month

You must be sure you can make repayments on your mortgage, so a financial adviser is very important.  You must consider other debts and if you may need to move into long term care.

What if I am still working but approaching retirement?

mortgage could help you raise money

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for standard mortgages or a retirement interest only mortgage you must look into the future when your income will be the lowest, maybe when one borrower dies and the other is left with the hard rio mortgage work.

Should I consider moving to a smaller property?

you must make monthly repayments on time

If you have a loan amount you can’t pay on your existing interest only mortgage, you could consider equity release schemes with interest roll up, or you could move home to a smaller house or flat.  If you think property prices are going to go down, you might be better off selling and moving.

Can I borrow the money for a new property?

retirement interest only mortgage Lloyds bank

As long as you have the income to afford the monthly payments and the interest rate is ok for you, this is no problem.

Is there an early repayment charge with Lloyds retirement mortgages?

No, there is no ERC to pay.

What is the minimum loan size?

It is £10,000.

Do Lloyds retirement mortgages have a fixed term?

No, they are designed for people in retirement so they will last the rest of your life.

Could my means tested benefits be affected by borrowing money with loans secured on my home?

Maybe, yes, so you should get advice on this.

Can I get a repayment mortgage when I am over 65?

Yes, repayment mortgages are available subject to your ability to pay the interest and the principal.

Is a later life rio mortgage a good idea for me?

Maybe yes, depending on your circumstances.

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