Net Zero And Sustainability

Last updated: 8th May 2024


At AS LEGAL AND FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED, operating as Williams Loans (, we are committed to contributing positively to the global goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, as stated by the UK Government ( Our Net Zero and Sustainability Policy outlines the steps we will take to minimise our environmental impact, promote sustainable practices and support our clients and partners in their journey towards net-zero emissions.

Our Commitment

  1. Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We will measure, monitor and set targets to reduce our direct and indirect carbon emissions in line with the Science Based Targets initiative ( This includes:

  • Optimising energy efficiency in our office at 120 Carstairs Street, Strathclyde Business Centre, Glasgow, G40 4JD UK
  • Minimising business travel and promoting remote working and virtual meetings where feasible
  • Encouraging the use of public transport, cycling, or walking among our employees
  • Participating in carbon offsetting programs and investing in renewable energy projects
  1. Sustainable Procurement

We are committed to working with suppliers who share our sustainability values. We will:

  • Implement a sustainable procurement policy, prioritising products and services with low environmental impact and high ethical standards
  • Evaluate suppliers based on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon emissions
  1. Supporting Clients and Partners

We recognise the importance of supporting our clients and partners in their transition to a low-carbon economy. We will:

  • Offer tailored financial products and services that support sustainable initiatives, such as green loans and renewable energy financing
  • Engage with our clients and partners to share best practices on sustainability and net-zero strategies
  • Collaborate with industry associations, NGOs and governmental bodies to promote sustainable finance and contribute to policy discussions
  1. Employee Engagement and Education

We believe that our employees play a vital role in driving our sustainability efforts. We are committed to:

  • Providing training and resources to increase employee awareness of sustainability issues and our net-zero commitments
  • Encouraging employees to participate in environmental initiatives and volunteer programs
  • Embedding sustainability considerations in our corporate culture and decision-making processes
  1. Transparency and Accountability

We are dedicated to being transparent about our progress towards achieving our net-zero and sustainability goals. We will:

  • Regularly monitor and report on our sustainability performance, including carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste reduction
  • Communicate our progress to stakeholders through our website, annual reports, and other relevant channels
  • Continuously review and update our Net Zero and Sustainability Policy to reflect evolving best practices and industry standards

External Links and Resources

To learn more about net-zero and sustainability initiatives, please visit the following resources:

  1. UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy:
  2. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
  3. Carbon Trust:
  4. Science Based Targets Initiative:
  5. Green Finance Institute:

Contact Us

We welcome feedback on our Net Zero and Sustainability Policy and are happy to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have. Please contact us at