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Lloyds Mortgages For Over 70s – 2.79% Fixed For Life – No Fees

interest only mortgages for over 70s

If you are looking to pay off your old mortgage, move home or raise money using your home Lloyds Mortgages For Over 70s could be the right deal for you.

  • Retirement interest only mortgages are 2.79% fixed for life
  • 70% loan to value
  • Free valuation
  • For existing customers and new customers
  • No early repayment charge
  • No advisor fees or broker fees
  • Pay off your old repayment mortgage
  • Get your 1 minute no obligation quote
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lloyds mortgages for over 70s

interest only mortgage for over 70s


mortgages for pensioners over 70 - hsbc mortgages for over 70s

mortgages for 70 year olds


interest only mortgages for over 70s

What does an interest only mortgage lender really care about?

When looking for a new mortgage deal, many lenders will simply look at your ability to make repayments on your mortgage. This includes the Nationwide building society and the Cambridge building societies retirement interest only mortgage.

You may need to prove you have a history that you have borrowed responsibly and that the mortgage types you have had in the past have been suitable.  Having other investments could also help you show good current income.

monthly repayments on retirement interest only mortgage deals

Do Lloyds Bank do mortgages for over 70s?

Yes, Lloyds Bank mortgages for over 70s can be very cost-effective for pensioners with good personal income.


getting a mortgage interest only mortgage from the family building society

What mortgage term does a mortgage over 70 have?

The mortgage adviser will tell you the interest rate and the age limits for a Lloyds mortgage over 70, but the mortgage product will have different limits depending on your type of probable income.

equity release schemes upper age limit mortgage options

What are the lending criteria for mortgages for pensioners over 70?

You have to prove you can comfortably afford the payments with your current income.

nationwide mortgages rio mortgage

Can I remortgage at 70 if I can make the regular payments?

Yes, if you need a lump sum in retirement or to pay off your old interest only mortgage this is not a problem as long as you can afford the monthly payments.  You can release cash relatively quickly.


leeds building society interest rates for monthly interest payments

Do interest only mortgages for over 70s have good rates for later life older borrower?

Yes, for people aged 70 and above the chances of getting a good rate for 25 years is very good as long as the money left from your pension or regular salary is enough to pay the interest charged each month.  There is no age cap.

older people's shared ownership mortgage market

Do interest only mortgage for over 70s have big fees?

No, they have very low fees, much lower than a lifetime mortgage.

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Are mortgages for 70 year olds good to pay off my existing mortgage?

Yes, if you have a standard mortgage you need to pay off.

standard interest only mortgage repayments with affordability assessment

What is better a mortgage for over 70 or considering lifetime mortgages?

If you have good credit history, pension income and other personal circumstances that suit the eligibility criteria, mortgage providers like Lloyds Bank are likely to be a much better deal than equity release at the age of 70.

older borrowers mortgage applicants with retirement income

What is the maximum mortgage age limit?

With a mortgage for 70 year old, there is no maximum age limit as long as you can prove lifelong income.

Lloyds Mortgages For Over 70s questions and answers

Could a guarantor mortgage be a good solution?

Most lenders will consider the loan to value, your credit report, any rental income you may have, your means tested benefits and work out if you have sufficient income of your own to make the monthly payment.  In this case, guarantor mortgages are not needed. Lloyds Mortgages For Over 70s can represent a very good value product.

What if mortgage brokers show me a mortgage market review with a higher rate than I expected?

The right mortgage deal might not exist for you and you should think hard about making any mortgage applications to any mortgage provider.

Is it easy to get a mortgage without a good credit score – I have a few credit cards at the moment?

Maybe not, no, however, you could always consider debts secured on your home with an existing lender or consider a no negative equity guarantee equity release scheme, or ask a more specialist broker about a home reversion plan where you sell all or part of your home.  You could also consider working longer until your credit cards are paid off.

I have standard mortgages buy to let property portfolio, could I save money by selling some of my properties?

If you are unsure about the future property market and see increased risk due to the cost of living crisis, you could be better off selling your UK buy to let properties.

Should I think hard before getting a loan secured on my own home?

Yes, definitely think very hard.  You must consider ill health, long term care, moving to a cheaper area and other sources of income older people could consider as a mortgage could be no longer suitable for you.

I want to release equity to manage inheritance tax – are the Lloyds Bank mortgage terms for a loan on my existing property any good for this?

Yes, as long as you have a regular income that fits with your monthly outgoings, this type of home loan could be ideal for you and your estate planning.

If I am aged 65 is it harder to get a higher total amount than if I was over 70?

Yes, maybe depending on your life expectancy, the remaining share of your home and the total amount you could be able to borrow.

Are other debts important for my first time new home older lenders mortgage application?

Yes, they are, to get a good deal for 15 years or more, your debts will impact your affordability.

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