How Social Context Marketing Can Grow Your Businesshow Social Context Marketing Can Grow Your Business

The rate of Internet efficiency continues to steamroll ahead. Online ad campaigns now seem so last year. Businesses are now moving past paid ads and launching organic social media campaigns to generate social buzz and increase traffic to their brand.

How Social Context Marketing Can Grow Your Businesshow Social Context Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Companies are developing apps that even pay consumers to check in at local businesses, rate those businesses while they are there, and connect and post it all on a social media network. This is certainly money well-spent by those companies because the circle of friends and family connected to those individuals are more likely to visit those businesses themselves.

Why Do I Want Social Context Marketing?

Social context marketing offers cheap (or virtually free) advertising for your goods and services. Having social context built around your company’s products and services gets your brand implanted in your customers’ ears and eyes. This allows them to share your business within their own social circle. It also provides an opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level, reaching out to them with an organic platform.

1. Make sure you have your own social media accounts that customers can “like”, “friend” and retweet. If you don’t, a web developer can help you navigate the ins and outs of to set these accounts up for you. Social media sites thrive on consistent updates and links from your business page to consumers’ pages.
2. Link your social media networks at your home page. Customers at your site are interested in connecting with your social media teams online. Make it easy for them to do so.
3. Get connected with apps that pay customers for their reviews and posts to social media sites. This can be a huge opportunity for a growing business to gain an additional revenue stream.
4. Make your products or services outstanding. Do great work and the world will notice. If the products or services you sell are just like anything else, what is the draw for people to talk about them in their social circles?
5. Look to innovation for yourweb hosting needs as well. Make your site look good, perform fast and provide user data on the back-end. A cool site will draw attention from customers who will post to their social media sites about your business.

Staying Consistent in Your Marketing Efforts

Once you’re up and running, keep the regular updates and content flow coming. Remember, your social content marketing requires maintenance. Post interesting links, respond to customers and engage in human interaction. All of the examples of good behavior also apply here. Regular updates to your social media sites and advertising on those sites for upcoming sales and events will keep your customers engaged and linked to your business.

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